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Railway transportation

The nearest railway stations are in Kamień Pomorski, Dworcowa Street (12.2 km from Dziwnów) and in Międzyzdroje, at Kolejowa Street (26.9 km from Dziwnów).

For the current timetable (departures) from the railway station in Kamień Pomorski click on the link: https://koleo.pl/dworzec-pkp/kamien-pomorski.

For the current timetable (departures) from the railway station in Międzyzdroje click on the link: https://koleo.pl/dworzec-pkp/miedzyzdroje

Bus transport

The bus transport in the region is provided by PKS Kamień Pomorski Sp. z o. o. For the timetable and other information about the bus operator visit the company website: http://www.pkskamienpom.pl/index.php?lang=pl

The travels to and from Szczecin (to Dziwnówek, Dziwnów and Międzywodzie) are additionally operated by the company BENKO BUS PRZEWOZY PASAŻERSKIE and the company KSK BUS PRZEWOZY PASAŻERSKIE (which additionally operates the line to Rewal).

For the timetables click on the following links: https://www.mikrobusy.szczecin.pl/ and http://kskbus.pl/rozklad/

The bus and vans transportation in the region is also provided by the EMILBUS Sp. z o. o. company Przewozy Pasażerskie, which offers the most frequent connections between Kamień Pomorski and Świnoujście. The buses of this operator connect Dziwnów with Kamień Pomorski or Świnoujście (including all stops on the way).

The detailed timetable (considering Dziwnówek, Dziwnów, and Międzywodzie) can be found on the operator’s website: http://emilbus.com.pl/rozklad-jazdy/


To access the updated timetable of this operator click on: https://www.flixbus.pl/?_sp=5c0d7bd7-5e38-43fd-8c4d-5efb9f5cef5c.1564658418635&atb_pdid=5e8a967c-01a7-4f58-a0a9-75fc86f81426&_ga=2.70272464.1521299770.1564658346-1163890974.1564658346&_gac=1.188821337.1564658346.CjwKCAjwm4rqBRBUEiwAwaWjjNAjLMm0CXvDoG653qzNCBwUdX1rNFVE-lTlT96DN_ytEs6o1o5nzRoCY2sQAvD_BwE&wt_eid=2156465834490296485&wt_t=1564658418850


The nearest airport is located in Goleniów (64.3 km away from Dziwnów). To access the website with the information about flights and public transport (the connections between the airport and Goleniów or Szczecin), click on the following link: http://www.airport.com.pl/

Ferry connections

The ferry connections with Scandinavian countries (Sweden, Denmark) are available in Świnoujście (41.7 km away from Dziwnów). The ferry terminal in Świnoujście is situated at Dworcowa 1 Street. Also, the railway station Świnoujście Port is located there.

To access the website with ferry routes and the timetable, click on the link: http://www.sft.pl/strefa-klienta/polaczenia


The list of TAXI telephone numbers in the commune of Dziwnów: +48691574686; +48607570701; +48602819702; +48606501802; +48501425203; +48609476388, +48661266480.